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The Toronto Agile Software Development Community is a non-profit organization incorporated in Ontario, Canada. The Toronto Agile Software Development Community solely runs on the efforts of volunteers, of which some are listed below.

Gino Marckx

In 2002, Gino started working with some of Belgium's most prominent Agile promoters. Very soon after that, he joined the Belgian XP/Agile User Group and became actively involved in promoting Agile techniques and practices, because he believes in their effectiveness. As a consultant he has shifted his practice to coaching individuals and organizations as they embrace Agile and is now responsible for the Agile competency centre at EPAM Systems. Gino strongly relies on his passion for team dynamics, his experience in leadership positions, and his technical expertise. Gino is actively involved as a participant and speaker in a number of Agile user groups in Canada and abroad. He likes to spend his spare time with family and friends enjoying cycling, travel, art, music, poetry and bragging about the supreme quality of Belgian beer.

Lawrence Ludlow

Lawrence has been using Agile techniques since 2000 to help development teams deliver successful software solutions. Day to day he focuses both on helping project teams deliver better software faster and also project definition and planning. Lawrence’s specialty is using Stories for scoping and developing strategic development plans for projects of all types and sizes. Lawrence is a Professional Engineer with over 20 years experience in project management and delivery in multiple technical fields. Lawrence is very active in the local Agile Community, for the last 6 years he has run the XP/Agile Toronto Community Group and has presented at a number of meetings.

Alex Aitken

Alex has been working in the software development industry since 2004. He has gained experience in work environments ranging from small start-ups to large companies. In the past 9 years Alex has successfully worked as a developer, team lead, coach and even trade show salesmen. Currently, Alex is an independent consultant and developer, helping customers and teams apply Agile principles and deliver successful software projects.

Over the past several years, Alex has gained an appreciation for the demands and discipline of good software development. He has found that XP engineering practices paired with creating high levels of engagement and satisfaction at work prove most effective at delivering high value software.

Edwin Lukaweski

Edwin has held positions from developer to director at a number of enterprises in his career that spans 30 years. Since reading Kent Beck's XP Explained book over ten years ago, he is convinced that there is no other way to produce a quality software product. In addition to being a volunteer with the Toronto Agile Community for 3 years, Edwin has helped introduce new, current technologies to a number of start ups.  In his spare time, Edwin entertains his grand children.

Brian Murphy

Brian has been developing software across the world since 2004. He enjoys the engagement, commitment to quality and fun that agile practices can bring to teams.

Brian has a degree in Information Technology from Dublin University (Trinity College Dublin) and an Msc. In Software Engineering from the National University of Ireland, Maynooth.

He currently works as a Lead Software Engineer with EPAM Canada.

Dale Simpson

Dale brings with him over 2 decades of project delivery experience from a variety of areas such as commercial software engineering, professional services, mobile application development, telecommunications, healthcare business intelligence, finance (payments/billing), real-time transactions, non-profit, GIS (AM/FM) and information security. Dale, a Certified Scrum Master since 2008, has been involved with utilizing Agile techniques since first reading Extreme Programming Explained (Kent Beck) in 2007 and then on to Agile Software Development with Scrum (Schwaber/Beedle) after which there was no turning back. Although he is highly motivated by a deep interest in emerging technology, particularly in mobility, his passion truly lays in building high performing teams, which deliver maximum value through great software.

Currently, Dale is a Principal Consultant with The Quantus Group. As a coach and delivery specialist, he works with a number of SMB and Enterprise clients, within the Greater Toronto Area, to realize the untapped potential within their software delivery teams. His specialty is delivering strategic cannot-fail-projects which have been labeled as being "impossible" due to a set of perceived constraints.

In his spare time, Dale enjoys spending time with his family, keeping abreast with the latest thoughts in technology, business and leadership by way of a virtual mountain of ebooks on his tablet, and being involved with the Toronto Agile Community. He is a volunteer member of the Agile Tour Toronto organizing committee (2011 - 2013).

Frank Vanderzwet

Mary Aquilina

Mary has been working with organizations to align business goals with technology solutions for over twelve years. An effective Project Manager, Business Analyst and Operations Manager, she’s able to build and lead teams to deliver software within the media, telecommunications, finance, and retail industry.

Mary was first introduced to Agile about five years ago while working abroad with a team of software developers. The environment was fast-paced and the team needed to be able to respond quickly to the changing needs of the business. It didn't take much convincing for Mary to see the benefits of delivering projects using this framework and has become an Agile convert ever since.

Mary is a Certified ScrumMaster, and is now working as a Consultant to help organizations understand the benefits of delivering projects using Agile, while also working with teams to improve their delivery practices.

Bill Schaller

Bill Schaller has 20+ years of IT and high-tech industry experience with large-scale software development projects within multi-national companies.  His roles include Applications Specialist, Network Security Engineer, Software Manager, ScrumMaster, Agile Coach and Lean Management Consultant.

He has successfully been practicing Agile/Scrum/XP/Lean for the past 7 years.  His recent work includes training and coaching IT and business teams within retail, health care and mobile carriers.  Previously, he led multiple teams within a large telecommunications supplier to scale up Scrum internationally over a two-year period.  Bill provides hands-on training and coaching for new and existing teams as well as consulting and collaborating with stakeholders on agile launch initiatives for key project deliverables. 

Bill is passionate about developing self-managing teams within a collaborative environment.  He has a specific set of skills and understanding to empower teams to perform at their best.  Bill coaches the right mix of practices and principles that help teams and management succeed in building trust and delivering value to the customer.

He’s a Certified ScrumMaster (CSM), Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO), Kanban practitioner and Innovation Games facilitator.  He frequently speaks and writes about various aspects of Agile and Lean.

Tom Alexandrowic

Johnny Tong


I'm interested in volunteering! How can I help?

Contact us by email at

You are welcome to help with growing the Agile community with our existing programs and events or to propose new ones.

We are currently organized in these focus areas:

  • Program/Keynote
  • Partner Workshops
  • Sponsors
  • Venue/logistics
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  • Marketing/Promotion
  • Finance
  • Infrastructure (tooling)

Every volunteer is expected to sign up for one or more focus areas and to contribute 6+ hours per month. We expect you to live the Agile values of collaboration and teamwork as well as be able to manage your own time effectively.