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Thanks for being a speaker at this year's conference.

As terms of session acceptance, I agree to:

  1. Be present on Monday, Nov. 10th to present the session.
  2. Be present for the whole day of the event unless otherwise agreed to.
  3. Ensure that I have an educational, informative non-commercial session. In particular, company names are only mentioned for case studies. Any tools or approaches presented are in the public domain and freely available to use. Company logo on slides or handouts if fine. Company name on Bio is fine.
  4. I will not undertake any promotional or sales activity in relation to my session. Book give aways are fine.

In the next week, I will:

  1. Make any last-minute tweaks to my session abstract.
  2. Update my Bio in IdeaScale so that it is accurate and professional.
  3. Update my profile so that I have a photo and my profile shows my real name.
  4. Copy any information you need for "Detailed Proposal Outline" (as this will be deleted to streamline viewing)

If you want a practice session, XPToronto has an available timeslot on Tues, Oct. 21st. - email