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  • ATT 2013 Speaker Bio - Shawn Button

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Shawn was bit by the software bug in his early teens; he wrote programs longhand on paper before he had access to a computer to actually run them. Since then he has racked up over two decades of software development experience, in environments ranging from small startups to huge enterprises. Just when the pain of creating software for a giant company threatened to squeeze all of the joy out of his chosen vocation, Shawn discovered the power of Agile and Lean, which renewed his love for software development.

Shawn is currently working as an Agile coach. He believes that any team can do great things, given the right leadership, mentorship, support, and a system in which they can shine. His passion is helping teams find their full potential, while helping to transform the system they are working in. Three decades later Shawn still loves writing software, but now he actually has computers he can run it on!