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  • ATT 2013 Speaker Bio - Travis Birch

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Travis Birch is an experienced Agile coach who helps businesses and teams build capabilities of high-performance and remove obstacles in order to deliver high-quality, valuable results quickly. Travis specializes in coaching teams and organizations to enable the deep culture changes necessary to sustain the benefits of Agile methods. Travis is also trainer of teams and individuals and an Agile consultant to executive management and leadership. Before he was an Agile coach, Travis had a career as a classical ballet dancer. Why is this in his bio? Because the principles of high-performance are universal: professionalism, discipline, team work, continuous improvement and refinement, acute attention to quality and constant delivery of value to stakeholders.
When he is not doing his work as an Agile coach, Travis enjoys spending time with his wife and two young boys, engaging in community-building activities and making music.