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7:45 AM Registration Opens

  • Breakfast

8:45 AM Keynote

  • Keynote - Gojko Adzic  Video coming soon!

    Master Class Workshop post conference

    We are pleased to announce that registration has now opened for the master class put on by keynote speaker, Gojko Adzic.  It is a 2 day event that will be held immediately after the conference, October 30th to 31st at the Toronto Board of Trade (First Canadian Place 77 Adelaide Street West Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5X 1C1).

    This will be an amazing learning experience, and an opportunity to discover new ways to communicate and work with teams, as well as and the business.  You can register now.

  • Orientation 

10:30 AM Break - Sponsored by  

Instill an Agile virus in your organization, empower your team, change your life Gerry Kirk

How To Be A Secret (change) Agent! Shawn Button & Chris Farrell

Retrospectives: a view from the inside  Chris Gow & Maria Kouras

What Can Journalists Teach Developers About Writing Source Code? Alistair McKinnell & Alex Aitken

Agile Planning, Budgeting and Reporting Peter Schmidt

Architecture and Design Are So Important Disciplined Agilists Address Them Every Day Scott W. Ambler Video coming soon!

Tribal Leadership for Agile Teams Steffan Surdek  Video coming soon!

The Odd Couple: How the Enterprise PMO and Lean Change Coaches lived together  Andrew Annett & Shannon Dent

NOON Lunch

From Agility to AntiFragility - A Practitioner's Guide Nick Zhu & Sharan Karanth  Video coming soon!

The Curious, Present, and Empathetic Agile Leader Gil Broza

Failure alert! Don't go agile unless you know why! Gino Marckx 

Build Your Own Agile Change Canvas Jeff Anderson & Alexis Hui 

Communication Styles - Employing and Enjoying our Differences Sue Johnston  Video coming soon!

More Than a Piece of Paper: How to Solve Complex Problems with A3 Thinking Alexei Zheglov

Your Lean Startup Needs to Go on a Diet Jason Cheong-Kee-You & Todd Charron

What Do Agile Managers Do?  Andrew Annett

3:00 PM Break - Sponsored by  

3:30 PM Sessions (60 min)

Implementing Agile Code Reviews Olivier Gourment Video coming soon!

Being Agile while standing in a waterfall  Mike Edwards 

Enterprise Agile? Are You Ready? Scott Ambler

The Great Canadian #NoEstimates Puzzle Experiment Chris R Chapman & Alexei Zheglov

From I to T : Collaboration of the Roles in Agile teams Ardita Karaj

Continuous Delivery - What it is and why your Agile team should care about it Mike Bowler

Developing Internal Coaching Capacity for Sustained Agile Transformation Travis Birch & Strive Mazunga

Top 10 Agile Gotcha's and How to Recover Michael Sahota  Video coming soon!


4:30 PM Break

4:45 PM Closing