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  • Changing culture--A primer for leaders

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Changing culture--A primer for leaders

Speaker: Raj Mudhar

Duration: 60 min

Track:People and Leadership



Ever notice how you feel when you enter a company's doors? Is there excitement in the air? A buzz? Does it feel like innovation is oozing from the walls? Or does it feel as exciting as a tax man's trousers? What makes you feel these things? And how can you start creating a better cultural experience for your employees and customers?

Culture is hard to change. And every time I hear there is a "mindset problem" or, "we need to change our culture", it becomes painfully clear that focusing on process and tooling changes alone won't cut it. Thankfully, there are effective techniques to help you hack your culture.

In this workshop, you will learn how to identify the attributes of your existing culture. You will build a culture map, starting with the visible signs of culture and then delve into norms, values, and finally, the core of culture--the underlying assumptions we don't even think about. Understanding where you are, culturally, is the first step.

From there, you will run through facilitated activities to build a culture hack. Simply put, a hack allows you to test a culture change and if it works, you can stabilize that change and start adding new hacks. Each hack moves you down that all important path to a new, vibrant culture, step by step.

My team has been experimenting with these techniques with several organizations. You'll hear about some real-world hacks and how they helped organizations improve. Our approach is not built on a single culture framework or a change management system. It is built on the work of many; the Cynefin framework, complex adaptive systems thinking, lean change, supported by culture walks, interviewing, and impact mapping to name a few of the tools you'll learn to use.

As a leader in your organization, one of your most important roles is as the steward and curator of your culture. This workshop will help you make culture change real, practical, and measurable. With these tools, you can have a positive impact on your people and customers.

Here are some common cultural challenges:

  • Excessive command and control
  • A belief that employees need detailed processes because they are incapable of making decisions on their own
  • Fear of making a mistake
  • Long and excessive approval processes - again, because employees cannot make good decisions
  • No or little focus on customers
  • Value statements like "We value our people" but with no supporting evidence
  • Lack of employee engagement



Raj Mudhar

Accomplished R&D director, consultant and change leader for large-scale Agile / Lean organizational transformation. 20 years of international experience leading teams in Asia, North America, and Europe. Solid record of delivering measurable improvements in organizational performance.  Skilled influencer, mentor and facilitator. Known for valuing people, innovation, continuous improvement, and exceptional service to customers.

Specialties: Lean + Agile Methods | Leading Change | Consulting & Advisory | Multinational R&D Project Management | Business and Technical Process Engineering | Strategic Supplier & Customer Management

Industries: Financial Services | Insurance | Capital Markets | Telecommunications infrastructure

Raj successfully implemented Agile methods and practices in:
- embedded software development
- hardware development
- product management
- portfolio management
- systems engineering | solution architecture
- operations and customer support
- finance and budgeting