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We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help on the day of the conference (Tuesday, October 20th).

Please review the listed roles for the day as well as the expectations from volunteers.

Volunteer Expectations:

  • Be at the conference for the entire day (7:30 - 5:30 PM) 
  • Attend committee stand up at 7:30 AM SHARP - This is where instructions will be given
  • Be willing to provide support to ensure the success of the conference as the need arises

Volunteer Roles

  • Registration
    Attend to guests as they arrive, making sure that badges and lanyards are handed out at the start of the conference.  Towards the end of the day, collect completed survey questionnaires and hand out drink stubs. 

  • Room liaison (bouncer)
    Hand out session cards, surveys and any other material as people enter the room.  Monitor room capacity and ensure that limits to room capacity are not exceeded. Collect survey answers as attendees leave the room.

  • Speaker support
    Provide logistic support to speakers and make sure that any A/V equipment or materials required for the presentation are set up and available to the speakers.

What you will get out of being a volunteer

  • Opportunity to interact with seasoned experts in the Toronto Agile Community
  • Opportunity to help organize a successful conference

You also get

  • Free t-shirt
  • Free meals
  • Free registration to the conference

If you're interested in helping out, please contact