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  • Deep Work: A New Working Model for DevOps Teams

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Deep Work: A New Working Model for DevOps Teams

Speaker: Arthur Maltson, Roderick Randolph

Duration:40 min

Track: Technical

Level: Beginner


You come into the office and before you’ve had your morning coffee, someone’s at your desk looking for help with an issue. You spend the day trying to focus on that new feature you’re building for customers, it’s going to make their lives so much easier, but you find that you’re answering questions and firefighting all day. The day ends and you wonder “what did I even do today?”. In our roles on technical teams, we live an interrupt driven life, but how do we make progress on that new feature or author that new tool or investigate that new OSS project? It’s not hopeless!

This session will introduce the concept of Deep Work and a new way to structure your team to optimize for Deep Work, while at the same time meeting your customers’ needs. The examples will focus on DevOps teams but the lessons are applicable to any team experiencing high levels of interruption. At the end of the talk you will have learnt from our experience implementing the new team structure on DevOps teams in two different organizations, ways to promote the concept, how to visualize people’s availability, and how to find success in an interrupt driven world



Arthur Maltson

Arthur Maltson is a Lead Software Developer who’s 70% Dev and 30% Ops. He’s currently practicing DevOps during the day and, as a husband and father he’s also doing DadOps at night. Arthur embodies the Full Stack developer with his passion for infrastructure automation, API crafting, front end development and making work fun by introducing and/or building new tools.

In his spare time Arthur spends far too much time trying to keep up with the latest tech. He also occasionally blogs, Tweets and commits to OSS.

Roderick Randolph

Roderick Randolph is a Principal Software Engineer at Capital One. Over the past 10+ years Roderick has been a software practitioner and leader within the Capital One Technology organization -- building software products and coaching teams on how to ship software faster with fully automated delivery pipelines and resilient infrastructure systems. He recently lived in Toronto for 2 years where he led the adoption of DevOps practices at Capital One Canada.

Roderick is originally from the State of Virginia where he received his Bachelors degree in computer science from the University of Virginia. When not busy writing software, Roderick also enjoys traveling the world and collecting random tech gadgets.