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  • Design thinking and Agile: Infinitely more powerful together

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Design thinking and Agile: Infinitely more powerful together

Speaker: Dave Dame, Aaron Sampson

Duration: 40 min


Level: Beginner

When Agile first came on the scene it was premised around putting the customer first. But, over the years its focus has evolved and the general perception of Agile today is that it’s mostly a tool for delivering software. Agile’s original focus was mainly on developers and testers, but it never really contemplated design thinking as a discipline. Design thinking, which has been around for decades but is only recently having its ‘moment in the sun’, compliments agile beautifully in that it focuses on trying to solve the right problems for the right people. Design thinking allows us to iterate and test assumptions before too much coding and production-readiness is done, which helps ensure the team is investing in the right things at every stage. It really provides a focus on innovating rather than simply burning down a backlog. In this talk we will discuss different ways to incorporate design thinking into the agile process. You will learn how to yield benefits from bringing these two practices together – most importantly how to best serve the users of the product or service you are delivering. At Scotiabank, we’ve been using these fantastic tools in combination for over a year. It is a journey, and although we haven’t completely solved everything yet, there are a lot of lessons we have learned that can be applied elsewhere.


Dave Dame

Dave Dame is leading the Organizational Agility at Scotiabank. Dave has made his mark as a strong change agent and coach.Dave may be the world’s most expert practitioner given his history at OpenText, MKS, and now PTC.

Aaron Sampson

 Aaron is a Scrum Master and customer experience fanatic with 7 years of industry experience, 3 years in the scrum master role. He has been a part of agile transformations in a number of companies from the team and organization level the latest being Scotiabank. He brings his passion for the customer to teams and organizations through a servant leader approach of teaching, coach and facilitating. Aaron joined Scotiabank's Digital Factory in September 2016 and is determined to help teams have a practical customer centric approach while bringing value to an organization.