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  • Don't Settle for Poor Names

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Don't Settle for Poor Names

Speaker: Alistair McKinnell

Duration: 60 min

Track: Technical

Level: Advanced

I get frustrated with code that is sprinkled with poorly named classes, methods, and variables.  Whenever I work on a team or coach a team, I put a lot of energy into choosing good names and sensitizing my teammates to the power of naming. I've noticed that developers spend most of their days reading code rather than writing code. I suspect you've noticed too. Creating understandable code is a high leverage activity for any team. And naming is where I start.

The core of the session is an example that illustrates the process and power of choosing good names. The example comes from a recent project. There will be code. I will connect the example to specific techniques and patterns for choosing good names and share resources that you can use right away.

My goal for this session is to sensitize you to the power of naming.


Alistair McKinnell

Alistair McKinnell has been writing software since the days of punch cards. After reading Kent Beck’s Extreme Programming Explained in 1999 he realized he had found his people. These days Alistair works as an Agile developer and Agile Coach at Nulogy. Alistair is a builder: building software, building teams, and building organizations.