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  • Dual Track Agile: Discovering and Delivering on Customer Needs Together

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Dual Track Agile: Discovering and Delivering on Customer Needs Together

Speaker: Dave Tung, Anna Romanovska

Duration:40 min




Agile teams today are made up of design, science, engineering, and product specialists who work together to understand customer needs and build products. When teams focus exclusively on building shippable code, discovery of customer needs tends to get overlooked. Losing sight of customer needs results in less desirable products and mediocre experiences.

How can teams continue to discover customer needs without sacrificing the quality of the software they ship? This is where Dual Track Agile (DTA) comes in.

In this talk we will share practical advice on how to accommodate discovery and learning with the help of DTA. We will explain how to set up DTA on a cross-functional team, feed discovery learnings into the development process, and end up with a better product that your customers will love!



Anna Romanovska

Anna has been designing and shipping 3D modelling, gaming and financial software with top-notch teams for the past 7 years. She specializes in product innovation and research, but is equally fond of building robust, user-friendly systems. Recently Anna has been working on integrating strategy and usability into the API development process, helping build better banking APIs and products.

Dave Tung

I am a technology professional with over 10 years experience with organizations ranging from small startups to large enterprises. I have held various roles from software development to management. Over the years, I have developed a love for coaching and a passion in helping organizations transcend themselves through discovering new perspectives and paradigms.