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  • Epic Budgeting - or how agile teams meet deadlines

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Epic Budgeting - or how agile teams meet deadlines

Speaker: Dave Sharrock

Duration: 40 min


Level: Intermediate


According to this year's State of Agile survey, the most common success measure for agile initiatives, at 53%, is on-time delivery. But if agile teams can choose how much work they take into a sprint, how can teams be sure of delivering pre-committed scope on time and on budget? There is more to agile delivery than product owners ordering a backlog of work for teams to work on.

Epic budgeting is one tool that allows the product owner to steer a product across the line, delivering the expected scope on time by managing scope creep or an unsustainable focus on the perfect over the pragmatic. During this session learn about how product owners and their teams work towards a fixed date or budget by applying double loop learning to epic sizing and breakdown. Expect some tales from real companies and a few light hearted moments. And I'm at least 53% certain we will finish on time!



Dave Sharrock

Agile coach, dad, internet veteran, husband, entrepreneur, occasional seismologist, newly minted Canadian

Agile coach/change consultant based in Vancouver Looking for companies with the courage to change, to realize benefits far ahead of the curve that surprise your competitors and make your customers love you, talk about you, buy your product/service, and tell the world about you.