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  • Expanding Agile with Systems Thinking: An Introduction - with Chris Chapman

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Expanding Agile with Systems Thinking: An Introduction - with Chris Chapman


What makes Agile, well... "Agile"?

As a litmus test we've been taught to return to our roots in the values and principles of the manifesto, or to the values that underpin our favourite process framework. However, when we face our first challenges with the adoption of new ways of working inside an organization, we sometimes get stuck: Things fail to emerge as expected. Other parts of the organization resist. Vendors don’t want to change. HR introduces new policies that produce behaviours completely opposite to the intent. Leadership introduces new productivity goals and training that causes momentum to stall. We begin to question if we’re doing anything right.


In this session, I’ll be introducing a way to see through the challenges we can experience as Agile change agents by applying a Systems Thinking mindset.



About Chris

Chris is Owner & President of Toronto-based agile coaching and training consultancy, derailleur consulting, inc., Agile Coach partner with Leanintuit.

He has sixteen years' experience as a software developer, team lead, consultant, and coach on many organizations. Since founding derailleur consulting, his focus has been on how to make good teams and organizations great, and great ones better, through the application of lean, agile, and systems thinking.

Through this, he has worked with organizations from the very small to the very large, across an array of industries and occupations, helping their people uncover ways to understand their organization's systems and how to improve them.

Chris is actively involved in the local and extended agile community, and has spoken at conferences across Canada where he likes to engage participants with live, hands-on demonstrations to help explain the theories of W.E. Deming, Eli Goldratt, and others, and how they can use them in their work.

You can find Chris on @DerailleurAgile or local agile events around GTA.

Join us for a webinar on June 27, 2017, 12:00 PM EDT.

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