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Inside a Holacracy Implementation - with Nevin Danielson

iQmetrix began an implementation of Holacracy in earnest in the Fall of 2016. It is a deliberate choice to embrace a new operating system to guide how we adapt, stay aligned and more fully benefit from the creativity and energy of all our colleagues. One year in, we have made significant progress and have learned a lot. Let’s check in and see some of the experiences – the challenges and the exciting results – that have iQmetrix committing to this self-managed future.

In his presentation, Nevin Danielson will present his experience and perspective from roles of Holacracy Facilitator, Holacracy Coach and Personal Organizing System Coach at iQmetrix. He’ll presume you have a general understanding of the Holacracy system. To get the most from this presentation, this whitepaper (PDF, 10 pages) and this video (1:48) will give you a brief introduction. 


About Nevin Danielson

After a quarter-life crisis, Nevin changed his focus from producing output for his employer to helping build the capacity of his colleagues for his employer. Seven years ago, iQmetrix thought he was a good fit but didn’t want to hire him for the conceived marketing role. He said, “You’re so busy, why don’t I draft a job description for you to consider?” It was accepted without edit and he’s been getting paid to do what he’d do for free ever since.

Nevin lives in Regina with his wife of 17 years, a 14 year-old future interior designer and a 12 year-old future professional gamer. Nevin’s current obsession is planning for his

Join us for a webinar on November 28, 2017, 12:00 PM EST.

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