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Speaker: Daniel Doiron, Anna Sikorska

Duration: 120 min

Track: People and Leadership

Level: Intermediate


Agility is a mindset. It is not a set of practices that can be installed. But how do you get out of the practices trap, especially when you have to mobilize not just software development and IT teams but the entire organization towards business agility where value is created through meaningful work? How do you engage business teams, users and customers? How do you enable higher levels of collaboration, not just within teams but also across teams? In other words, how do you get individuals, teams and even the entire organization into a flow state where everybody is doing the right thing at the right time by having the right conversations? Rational explanations and models of agility will only go so far. To be truly effective, the agile mindset needs to be experienced, which is exactly the purpose of the new and thought provoking Okaloa Flowlab simulation by Patrick Steyaert, one of agile's better scientific mind.

Through simulating a conventional work environment that reflects a mechanistic mindset characterized by a focus on resource efficiency, command and control and specialist workers, participants experience which roadblocks need to be overcome. As the team is taking its first baby steps into agile, they will experiment (in 2 or 3 rounds) with policies and practices (e.g. pull of work, cadences, limiting WIP) that enable collaboration, get the team into flow, and allow an agile mindset to emerge. Weaved into the simulations they will discover the fundamental difference between resource efficiency and flow efficiency.

Participants will step into the simulator after a brief explanation of the rules.



Daniel Doiron

Top performing AKT from LKU giving Kanban Management Professional certifications in Fairfax, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Richmond, Raleigh, Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa.

Regularly gives conferences for Lean Kanban North America (2015 & 2017) and Shanghai Global Scrum Alliance Gathering in 2016.

Annual conferences are also given once a year for the local Montreal PMI chapter and Agile Montreal chapter.

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Anna Sikorska

Information Technology and Services Consultant
Since 2010, after graduating from HEC Montreal with Master Degree in E-Commerce, Anna  is focused on  transforming the world of work for organizations and  on developing high-performing and high-growth team cultures.  As a certified Management 3.0 and Kanban Management Professional, Anna  educates and guides teams and organization in  the Agile/Kanban framework,  helping them to develop abilities to work in uncertain, complex and rapidly changing environments.