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  • Patterns of Incremental Architecture

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Patterns of Incremental Architecture

Speaker: Shawn Button, Chris Gow

Track: Technical

Duration: 60 min

Level: Intermediate


In Agile you should start with the simplest thing that will give you value, and iteratively build on top of that. But how does that work with a Legacy Enterprise Application that everyone is terrified to touch? Or what if we need to build an application that handles millions of transactions a day? How can we make sure that our architecture will meet our needs two years from now, when we don’t know what the application will look like? And how does the process of architecture work in an Agile environment?

Join Chris and Shawn in this interactive session, as they explore these topics. Learn architectural patterns that allow you to evolve your architecture. Examine techniques to help you work with legacy apps and dependencies. Learn how good architecture allows us to manage technical risk. See how business and technical people can work together to build an incremental plan for your product.


Shawn Button

An expert in agile development practices, Shawn Button is an agile/lean coach with the proven ability to help individuals, teams, and enterprises adopt better ways of working. Shawn believes that any team can do great things—with the right leadership, mentorship, and support. His passion is helping teams find their full potential, while helping to transform the system they are working in. Shawn is part of LeanIntuit, a group of passionate coaches who help people and companies work in better ways.


Chris Gow

Chris has over 10 years experience as a developer, manager, and coach helping teams build desktop applications and enterprise web based products in a testable, sustainable manner. He believes that when teams are able to apply Agile development principles and practices to their work they are capable of more than the sum of their parts.