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  • Practice Does not Make Perfect: Why Agile Transformations Fail

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Practice Does not Make Perfect: Why Agile Transformations Fail

Speaker: Gil Broza

Duration: 40 min

Track: People and Leadership

Level: Intermediate


These days, almost every organization is showing interest in Agile. We seem to have all the ingredients for effective transformations: well-known practices, detailed processes, ever-improving tools, extensive literature, myriad certifications, and many consultants. How is it, then, that so few organizations are truly agile?

Gil Broza, author of “The Agile Mindset” and “The Human Side of Agile”, thinks that one particular ingredient has been overlooked in the mad rush to adopt Agile. In this session, he leads us on an exploration of that ingredient and its place in an Agile transformation.


Gil Broza

Gil Broza is on a mission to make the world of software development more effective, humane, and responsible. How? By helping leaders and teams truly adopt the Agile approach. Several of the world’s largest organizations are having him train hundreds of managers (up to VP level) on leading toward the Agile mind-set. Many companies have relied on his coaching, training, and facilitation for people-first Agile transformations and complete makeovers. He is the author of The Human Side of Agile and The Agile Mind-Set. Get a taste of his approach at