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Product Portfolio management using Monte Carlo - with Adam Yuret







Given a number of product options available, which one should we start first? How do we know whether one thing is better to do or not. Maybe we should work on all the things simultaneously! Let’s add more people to get everything done faster!

Join us on this session with Adam Yuret for a webinar about how to understand Product Portfolio management using Monte Carlo technique. We’ll explore some simple and free tools from focused objective that help make difficult planning decisions easier. When we’re done attendees should be ready to dive into useful tools which drive some of the most productive conversations possible.

About Adam


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Adam Yuret has worked in Technology field for 20 years. Dedicated to pursuing coherent alignment across organizations to help grow “humanistic flow-based systems”; synthesizing the best ideas in systems-thinking and visual flow-management to help organizations understand complexities inherent in human systems & empower executives and teams to function effectively within them.

Today Adam uses that experience to consult with executives in enterprise organizations seeking to increase predictability, quality and value delivery to their customers.

Adam uses the principles of Lean to help organizations structure themselves effectively to deliver value and respect their people ensuring the highest quality most predictable organization possible.

Adam is also author of the book "How to have great meetings: A Lean Coffee book"

You can find more about Adam at