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  • Program 2014

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Program 2014

7:45 am     Registration Opens

8:00 am     Breakfast 

8:45 am     Keynote Address "Agile - a Courageous Choice" - Olaf Lewitz  - Presentation       Video 

                      & Orientation

10:30 am   Break 

11:00 am   Sessions (60 minutes)

   Principle-Centered Agility: Your Path to Better Options  Dan Neumann -  Presentation  

   Implementing Agile Development in an Enterprise Environment  David Dame -  Presentation   Video 

   Creating Alignment for Agile Change  Jason Little, Carlos Oliveira, April Jefferson - Presentation    Video 

   Owning Your Transformation vs Buying one from a Consulting Firm  Joanne Stone & Matt Alexander - Presentation

   Introduction to Behavior Driven Development in Context  Alex Kress - Presentation

   Agile Architecture and Modeling - Where are we Today?  Gary Pedretti - Presentation

   Scrum and Kanban - Getting the Most from Each  Michael Sahota - Presentation


12:00 pm    Lunch

1:30 pm      Sessions (90 minutes)

   Chocolate, LEGO and Scrum Jambalaya - Introduction to DevOps  Dana Pylayeva - Presentation

   The Human Side of Agile Management: How to Grow Great Teams  Gil Broza - Handout   

   JAMming Projects Into Initiation      Gino Markcx - Presentation

   Responsibility is at the Core of Great Things  Mike Edwards & Michael Kaufman - Presentation   

   Down But Never Out. Bringing Change When Change is Hard  Todd Charron - Presentation

   Designing Teams for the Agile Enterprise  Jeffery Anderson - Presentation & Change Canvas & Stream Template

   Integrating UX – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly  Ellie Kenward - Presentation    Video 


3:00 pm      Break

3:30 pm      Sessions (60 minutes)

   Agile Room Dynamics  Afua Osei and Lawrence Ludlow - Presentation

   "Insight Discovery" for Agile Coaches  Ardita Karaj - Presentation   

   Making Large-Scale Agile Work for 1000+ People, 50 Teams  Alexis Hui & Raj Mudhar - Presentation    Video 

   The Disciplined Agile Enterprise: Harmonizing Agile and Lean  Scott Ambler – Presentation      Video

   Three Developer Testing Techniques That Belong in Your Toolbox  Alistair McKinnell - Presentation

   Unit Testing Best Practices  Michael Pickard - Presentation

   UX - A Way of Thinking, Lessons from the Real World  Veronica Wong - Presentation


4:30 pm      Break

4:45 pm      Closing