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  • Seeing the Light: Using Lasers to Illuminate the Benefits of Collaboration

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Seeing the Light: Using Lasers to Illuminate the Benefits of Collaboration

Speaker: Eric Heikkila, Dillon Kearns,Wyatt Sutherland

Duration: 90 min

Track: Process

Level: Beginner

This workshop is for all involved in the software life cycle from requirements to release. Using laser puzzles, experience big design up front and hand-offs, contrasting with collaborative whole-teams applying incremental design and continuous testing. The experiences from this workshop will help people of all levels understand the oft times hidden costs of queues and hand-offs. Participants will walk away with a better appreciation for Collaboration Cues - recognizing situations in which collaboration can amplify feedback loops, delivery to the market, lower development and testing costs, and help create a vibrant workplace.


Eric Heikkila

With a passion for problem solving, an inquisitive mind, and a hunger for learning, Eric is at home turning ideas into software and mentoring others in Agile techniques to make a positive impact in peoples lives.

Eric is currently working with Industrial Logic to help Ford along their Agile journey. He is also working on several other projects, including digging into Elm, Elixir, Polymer, and several other frameworks and technologies

Dillon Kearns

Dillon is an Agile Coach and XP Craftsman based out of Southern California. He found his way into software through an unlikely path studying piano performance. Fortunately, this education in deliberate practice and collaboration techniques has served as a solid foundation for developing and teaching Agile skills and mindsets. Dillon is a full-stack coach, and believes that effective software requires the right mix of empathy, mindset, organizational structures, and craftsmanship skills. He also loves programming languages and functional programming.


Wyatt Sutherland