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  • Why we got rid of SCRUM to become agile again

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Why we got rid of SCRUM to become agile again

Speaker: Ron Ijack

Duration:40 min


Level: Intermediate

Agile is not about doing scrum, kanban, lean or any other flavour of the process. An organization cannot be “doing” agile, they must “be” agile. They must believe in and understand the agile principles. After going through a successful agile transformation and running scrum for 3 years we realized that it’s just not working for us anymore. The team was suffering from scrum fatigue. It felt like there was a sprint planning, stand up or retrospective meeting happening all the time. We decided to take a hard look at how we were working and turn it on its head. We looked at all the different agile options such as scrum, kanban, lean, xp, etc and decided to take the best part from all of these instead of sticking with one approach. This session will take you through our journey and share what worked for us that could also work in your organization.


Ron Ijack

VP Technology, Upstream Works Software

Senior software and web development professional with over 15 years experience and a proven track record of delivering complex, large-scale projects on time and on budget. Specialist in people and project management, agile development, and web technology. Currently managing large development team consisting of developers, architects and QA analysts in charge of Upstream Works Software call centre software product