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Your Brain On Estimates

Speaker: Wayne Hetherington

Duration: 40 min

Track: Process

Level: Intermediate


Have you ever found yourself saying, “Estimating is HARD”, “These estimates are WAY off”, or “Who estimated THIS??!?” These reactions are all too common. Ever wonder why?

This workshop will take you on a journey through your brain where you will discover some of the cognitive biases that behavioral psychologists have found to affect our ability to estimate. We will look at 3 different estimation techniques and examine the factors that make each more/less successful. Practice sessions will highlight pitfalls you need to be aware of in your next estimating session.

Come prepared to have fun participating in revealing interactive exercises. Learn practical techniques for effective estimating that will help you choose the best approach for your team/project.


Wayne is an aspiring Agile Coach and Scrum Master who hasn't got it all figured out yet - but is trying. He has worked with hundreds of people on dozens of teams for many projects.  His experience has been expanded while working in a variety of sectors for businesses from small to enterprise. The further he goes - the more he learns.

Putting people first and making work fun/enjoyable are important to him and he'd love to help you find new and innovative solutions to your team/product/business challenges.