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Really happy to announce more information about the upcoming Spark The Change conference in April...
Over the last number of year, the Agile community has been learning that 'Agile' is less about Agile and more about change.  The last 8 years of data from Version One's annual State of Agile survey shows that "failure to change the organization's culture" and "general resistance to change" account for almost 80% of the responses to this question: What barriers have prevented your organization from furthering your adoption of Agile?
These aren't Agile problems and other communities, such as organizational development and change management, have known this for decades. These communities have many great ideas that the Agile community can use, and vice versa. This is why Spark the Change was created. It's a conference to bring together people in multiple communities so collectively we can inspire each other to help bring meaningful change into today's organizations. Spark will be attracting HR, change management, Agile and Organizational Development professionals from all over the world through 12 sessions, 3 full-day workshops, an open space and more! Find out more details at and save 10% on registration by using the code TAC at checkout.