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  • Specification by Example Master Class Oct 30th & 31st 2013

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Serious about developing great software?

Learn how to reduce development cycle times, find out how to collaborate more efficiently with team members and discover how you can ensure quality software goes out the door.   

 Gojko Adzic is an award winning software development consultant and writer who has been helping businesses and teams around the world improve the quality of their software products and processes.

This will be his first appearance in Canada offering this highly sought after workshop.  

Who would benefit from taking this class? 

Product Owners, Software Developers, Business Analysts, UX/UI, Project Managers and Testers.

What will I learn?

  • How to run specification workshops to facilitate collaboration.

  • How to extend specifications with examples to create a single source of truth for testing and development.

  • How to avoid functional gaps and inconsistencies in specifications and tests.

  • Good practices for designing specifications with examples and acceptance tests for Agile teams.

  • How to create a living documentation system to facilitate change and improve your process long-term.

  • How other teams, from small web startups to large distributed teams in investment banks, apply specification by example in their contexts.

How long is it?

2 days.

When is it?

It’s right after the Toronto Agile Tour event.  October 30th through to October 31st.

Where is it?

Toronto Board of Trade (First Canadian Place 77 Adelaide Street West Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5X 1C1).