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  • Don't hire more coaches, increase your coaching capacity!

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Don't hire more coaches, increase your coaching capacity!

Speaker: Gino Marckx

Duration: 90 min

Track: People and Leadership

Level; Advanced


Many organizations have difficulty hiring coaches to support their teams in applying agile principles and practices. As a result, many teams are left to their own devices and often face challenges that can lead to mediocre results and even demotivated teams, quite the opposite of what the introduction of agile principles intended to achieve.

I believe that many organizations are trying to solve the wrong problem. It is not the lack of coaches on the market that is causing the lack of support for the teams, but the lack of coaching capacity. What if there are alternative ways to address this redefined problem besides only hiring more coaches?

I have helped small and large organizations increase their coaching capacity with programs that structure coaching for both the coaches and the teams. Join this session to hear about these experiences and understand how you as well can gradually increase the coaching capacity of your teams.


The workshop resulted in some concrete ideas to increase coaching capacity without adding more coaches
  • make things visible [observe]
  • deliver agile mindset program [observe, recommend, make it stick]
  • continuously repeat the value of the outcome, the change, preferably with demonstrable numbers and in a way that speaks to the every stakeholder (teams, management, client) [observe, make it stick]
  • coach ‘external factors’ like leaders and stakeholders [recommend, make it stick]
  • institutionalize peer feedback [observe]
  • give public recognition to teams exposing desired behaviours [make it stick]
  • teach how to navigate conflict [recommend, make it stick]
  • provide the autonomy for teams to raise risks and suggest or even implement solutions [observe, recommend, make it stick]
  • establish ‘team buddy’ system, where teams assist each other and provide recommendations [observe, recommend, make it stick]



Gino Marckx

In 2002, Gino started working with some of Belgium's most prominent Agile promoters. Very soon after that, he joined the Belgian XP/Agile User Group and became actively involved in promoting Agile techniques and practices, because he believes in their effectiveness. As a consultant he has shifted his practice to coaching individuals and organizations as they embrace Agile. Gino strongly relies on his passion for team dynamics, his experience in leadership positions, and his technical expertise.

Gino recently founded Xodiac, a company with the ambitious mission to make every team thrive. Xodiac aims to help nurture teams' continuous improvement mindset around the world by providing consulting services and offering supporting products.

He likes to spend his spare time with family and friends enjoying cycling, travel, art, music, poetry and bragging about the supreme quality of Belgian beer.