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  • Enabling Agile & Continuous Delivery through Dev-Ops for Mainframe Computers

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Enabling Agile & Continuous Delivery through Dev-Ops for Mainframe Computers

Speaker: Arthur Papian Gorji

Duration:40 min

Track: Technical



Challenges - legacy mainframe systems:

As organizations with mainframe assets and infrastructure move towards becoming truly agile, they need to tackle the challenge of slow manual software development and deployment as well as rising MIPS costs associated with automation testing on target hardware. The challenge comes along with the fact that mainframe applications lack modularity, which makes the development process slow and even small code changes risky. Mainframe release processes are also very complex, manual and cost inefficient which take hours or days.

Agile enablement through Dev-Ops Pipeline:

As part of a PoV investigation, we explored the potential opportunities offered by a new stack of modernized IBM z Systems mainframe Dev-Ops tools. Dev-Ops tooling can enable agile development on IBM Z Systems mainframes through collaboration and interaction among mainframe COBOL developers, test & QA teams, and IT operations professionals maintaining the on premise IT infrastructure. It increases speed of continuous integration (CI) & continuous deployment (CD) on mainframes, improves quality of code through shift-left testing and automated delivery pipeline, and lowers overall costs because of fewer quality problems and software rollbacks.



Arthur Papian Gorji

  • Senior DevOps technology consultant, enabling agile transformation of organizations through DevOps initiatives and tooling
  • Analytical business thinker and systems engineer with an MBA, holding over 8 years of professional work experience as software developer in sectors such as Cyber Security, Mobile & Web App development, Transportation, Signal Processing, Computer Software, Robotics, Medical Imaging Devices, and Mining.
  • 3 years of valuable experience both as a co-founder and product development manager in a start-up opportunity in the field of IoT & Mobile solutions combined with Data Analytics while pursuing an MBA
  • Working experience as a senior software developer for a year at one of world’s most agile anti-malware firms in the Cyber Security domain. Specifically focusing on anti-malware solutions for web and cloud security systems
  • Participated in the design and development of automated software solutions for several world-class fully automated driver-less subway systems deployed in cities like Dubai and Singapore. He also possesses over a year of international work experience while working as field deployment engineer directly engaging firm’s clients