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  • BullS*_t - stop telling me it's impossible!

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BullS*_t - stop telling me it's impossible!

Speaker: Mike Edwards

Duration: 60 min

Track: People and Leadership

Level: Intermediate

I hear it all the time in my work: “That’s nice in theory, but it’s not possible to do that here because .” Or perhaps it’s “There’s no way I could do .” Whatever the story, whether in a personal or corporate context, people tell me all the time how a change is not possible. Here’s the secret though: when we approach a problem from a place of being impossible it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Leadership is one of the most complex and potentially rewarding things you can do in life. Leading for Change starts with seeing your own fears and stories, and choosing to move past them. In this session, we will be working together to confront a fear almost every one of us has. What you will come to learn is that it’s possible to write your story your way, and not be controlled by them. When leaders learn to confront their fears, their impact goes far beyond what they and those they lead thought of as possible.


Mike Edwards

Mike is a leadership and life coach working with people who are wanting to create the life they want. Mike works with leaders at all levels as they unlock the power and potential already within them. Mike harnesses the power of storytelling and vulnerability to make it safe for people to learn a fulfilling life is found in your ability to respond to whatever life throws your way.  Mike's is the founder of Leading for Change, working to improve the connection between people and the world. Mike is an Accredited Coach with The Leadership Gift Program, a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, a faculty member with the Agile Coaching Institute, and graduate of the CTI Leadership Program.