Conference 2017 Program     

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TechnicalPeople and LeadershipProductProcess
7:15 am     Registration Opens 
7:15 am     Continental Breakfast and Sponsor Trade Show
8:45 am     Keynote

8:45 am
Keynote:  Modern Agile by Joshua Kerievsky (video)
10.00 am   Conference Orientation
10:15 am   Break
10:45 am   Morning sessions: 90 minute workshops and 40 minute sessions

Starts 10:45
90 min
Ends 12:15
Running with the Mob: Extreme collaboration with Mob Programming - Mike Bowler and Ellen Grove (slides)
Adaptive Planning using Impact Mapping - Sriram Natesan and  Nancy Wu (slides)
Don't hire more coaches, increase your coaching capacity! - Gino Marckx (slides)
Seeing the Light: Using Lasers to Illuminate the Benefits of Collaboration - Eric Heikkila, Dillon Kearns and Wyatt Sutherland
Timeless Leadership - Jason Little and Adriana Girdler (slides and material)

Starts 10:45
40 min
Ends 11:25
Practice Does not Make Perfect: Why Agile Transformations Fail - Gil Broza
Your Brain On Estimates - Wayne Hetherington (slides)
Merge Hells! Feature toggles to the rescue - Leena S N (slides)
Building a Continuous Deployment Pipeline from Scratch - Nayan Hajratwala (video)
Getting Freddie Mercury and Spice Girls together on stage - Ardita Karaj (video)
Design thinking and Agile: Infinitely more powerful together - Dave Dame and Aaron Sampson
Break 10 minutes

Starts 11:35
40 min
Ends 12:15
How the CBC Management Team stopped worrying and learned to love agile - Corey Stewart (slides)
The Commitment Process - Lawrence Ludlow (slides/video)
Enabling Agile & Continuous Delivery through Dev-Ops for Mainframe Computers - Arthur Papian Gorji
Deep Work: A New Working Model for DevOps Teams - Arthur Maltson, Roderick Randolph (video)
Epic Budgeting - or how agile teams meet deadlines - Dave Sharrock (slides video)
Dual Track Agile: Discovering and Delivering on Customer Needs Together - Dave Tung, Anna Romanovska (slides)
12:15 pm   Lunch and Networking
1:15 pm   Afternoon sessions: 60 minutes and one workshop 120 minutes

Starts 1:15;  120 min with Break
Ends 3:30
OKALOA FLOW LAB - Daniel Doiron, Anna Sikorska

Starts 1:15
60 min
Ends 2:15
Amp up your Agile implementation in complex environments with Systems Thinking - Martin Aziz, Fernando Cuenca (slides)
Delivering a High-Performance Agile Organization -Michael Sahota (video)
Teams Want a Quick Game to Learn How to Deliver Value Faster - Gillian Lee (materials)
I'd Buy That For A Dollar - Todd Charron (slides)
Technical Debt is a Systemic Problem - Not a Personal Failing - Declan Whelan, Chris Chapman (slides) (video)
Scaling Agile without the scaling framework - Jeff Anderson
Don't Settle for Poor Names - Alistair McKinnell (slides)
Database Practices for Continous Delivery - Pramod Sadalage
2:15 pm     Break 15 minutes
2:30 pm     Afternoon sessions: 60 minutes

Starts 2:30
60 min
Ends 3:30
BullS*_t - stop telling me it's impossible! - Mike Edwards (slides)
 Agile Leadership Strategies: Winning the War on Complexity - Derek W Wade (slides video )
Changing culture--A primer for leaders - Raj Mudhar
What's my MVP? - Jeff "Cheezy" Morgan
The Executives Guide to Disciplined Agile: Business Agility for Established Enterprises - Scott Ambler (slides) (video)
Risk-Intelligent Agile - Baskaran Rajamani
Strengthening Shared Team Values Through the Four Rules of Simple Design - Stacey Vetzal (slides)
Patterns of Incremental Architecture - Shawn Button, Chris Gow (slides)
3:30 pm     Break
3:45 pm     Closing


3:45 pm

Closing Panel: Joshua Kerievsky, Ellen Grove, Scott Ambler and Adriana Girdler will bring their perspective and experiences on topics related to Scaling Agile and Simplicity. Host and moderator Gino Marckx (video)

4:45 pm
5:00 pm     Reception

 Use this color schema to find the sessions on the Track that you are interested

TechnicalPeople and LeadershipProductProcess